5 tips to see Chicago in 48 hours on a budget

When my college roommates and I talked about starting an annual girls’ trip tradition to reunite, we had several destinations in mind of where we wanted to go. We finally settled on going up to Chicago as none of us had ever been there before. So glad we did! In theory, we would have all … Read more5 tips to see Chicago in 48 hours on a budget

Beachin’ with a Babe

Imagine you’re on a trip over the long weekend, staring out into the blue waters of the ocean, listening to the waves hit the shore, and feeling your toes sinking deep into the sand. And in the next breath, you hear shrieking from your one-year-old because that my-toes-are-sinking-in-the-sand feeling is actually pretty terrifying to someone … Read moreBeachin’ with a Babe

You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

When our son, Granger, was just two months old, my brother married the coolest woman ever…in Massachusetts…and we lived in North Carolina. Did I mention our son was two months old? And that we were first-time parents? Yeah, if becoming new parents wasn’t adventurous enough, we were about to find out with this trip. One … Read moreYou’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!