Hiking: Moses Cone Flat Top Mountain Trail (Fire Tower Trail)

Attention, parents! Trust me when I tell you no matter what age kids you have, go to Boone, NC and hike to the Fire Tower at the Moses Cone Memorial Park. You won’t be disappointed. Last weekend, Granger and I drove out to Boone to watch my nephew’s soccer game and spend the day with … Read moreHiking: Moses Cone Flat Top Mountain Trail (Fire Tower Trail)

Destination: Cape Canaveral, FL

Even though I grew up going to Florida, I’ve only ever been to the Gulf side of the state. My husband, TJ, had never stepped foot in the state, which is something we had to change. Obviously. Plus, we got to cross off another state for Granger! Although TJ and I have been to several … Read moreDestination: Cape Canaveral, FL

Beachin’ with a Babe

Imagine you’re on a trip over the long weekend, staring out into the blue waters of the ocean, listening to the waves hit the shore, and feeling your toes sinking deep into the sand. And in the next breath, you hear shrieking from your one-year-old because that my-toes-are-sinking-in-the-sand feeling is actually pretty terrifying to someone … Read moreBeachin’ with a Babe

Hiking Trails: Stone Mountain, NC

It was kind of on a whim when I texted my dad to see if he wanted to join Granger and me on a hike last weekend when TJ had to work. See, hiking was a huge part of my life when we lived in Washington State, and we just haven’t had the time to … Read moreHiking Trails: Stone Mountain, NC

Baby at The Biltmore Mansion

When we first planned our day trip to the Biltmore Mansion, we didn’t think it was a big deal to bring along our one-month-old. I mean, it’s not like he was walking, talking, or eating food at this point. If we didn’t go now, we probably wouldn’t go for a while, so we went for … Read moreBaby at The Biltmore Mansion

You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

When our son, Granger, was just two months old, my brother married the coolest woman ever…in Massachusetts…and we lived in North Carolina. Did I mention our son was two months old? And that we were first-time parents? Yeah, if becoming new parents wasn’t adventurous enough, we were about to find out with this trip. One … Read moreYou’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

Hey, there! Thank you for Daring to Adventure with us!

Nearly 10 years ago, a cute boy on the high school football team messaged a girl on MySpace, leading them to become high school sweethearts and begin a life full of adventure. That guy ended up joining the U.S. Army while the girl went onto college. Although they spent some time apart, they ultimately decided marriage … Read moreHey, there! Thank you for Daring to Adventure with us!