You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

When our son, Granger, was just two months old, my brother married the coolest woman ever…in Massachusetts…and we lived in North Carolina. Did I mention our son was two months old? And that we were first-time parents? Yeah, if becoming new parents wasn’t adventurous enough, we were about to find out with this trip.

One thing we were determined to hold onto when our son was born was our love for adventure. We didn’t want our lifestyle to totally change because we had a kid – we’d seen that happen before. On top of that, we want to teach Granger to love and appreciate life experiences over the things of this world. That’s a priority for us.

So, even though it was tough, I’m extremely grateful we had to get our baby on a plane and travel to Massachusetts for this wedding. We were pushed out of our comfort zone, and survived! The experience loosened up our parenting anxieties and encouraged us to continue exploring with our little one in tow.

Now, that’s not to say traveling, on a plane, with a two-month-old who wasn’t sleeping through the night was easy. Oh, we drove that struggle bus, for sure. But, we learned a lot in that process, and it’s helped us take future trips that have gone smoothly because of this experience.

Babies fly just fine. When I first started telling people that we’d be flying with our son at this age, we got plenty of quizzical looks. “Aren’t you afraid of the germs?” “Won’t flying hurt his ears?” “What if he cries the whole time?” And plenty more. The truth is, though, babies are pretty dang resilient. If you’re that worried about germs, you can wipe down your whole area before sitting down (but, at the end of the day, you can’t protect them from EVERYTHING, anyway). His ears are just fine. In fact, babies naturally suck, and that’s the exact motion needed to get your ears to pop when you need them to. Granger nursed on the way up and down and never had an issue. He did have some fussy moments, but at the end of the day, you can’t let other people’s discomfort stop you from doing what you want! Just put your brave face on, and it’ll pass eventually. And you know what? Those people will be just fine, too.

Bring the stroller. We opted to leave our stroller at home, which was something we learned to NEVER DO AGAIN. It was annoying to pack, and we didn’t want to lug it around. And, that was fine, until we arrived in Massachusetts and we wanted to actually go out and do something. We thought, “oh, we’ll just bring our baby sling and carry him everywhere.” That sounds all fine and dandy unless it’s, you know, the middle of July and you’re melting because it’s They do have places in larger cities usually where you can rent baby items, which I totally recommend if you have a brain freeze and forget to pack something like a stroller that you end up needing. Again, we didn’t do this, but I definitely would this time around. Bite the bullet and bring the stroller.

Routines will be off. This is just something you’ll have to come to terms with when traveling. To this day, when we travel, Granger doesn’t sleep, nap, or eat as well. We try and keep him in somewhat of a routine, but everyone will survive at the end of your trip and you’ll be glad you took advantage of your time there. We tried to time naps to happen while we were in the car or in the carrier. His routine was certainly off and he was out of his element, but as I mentioned before, you’re only traveling for an allotted period of time, and .babies.are.resilient. He/she is going to figure it out and adjust. Let loose a little and go with the flow!

Breastfeeding while traveling is hard. Well, breastfeeding in general is hard (at least for me!). I’ve breastfed in some weird places, both covered and hanging out everywhere. I was really nervous about breastfeeding on this trip, because it was the first time I was going to be away from our house – and designated breastfeeding recliner – for an extended amount of time. My advice here is to just do it. I mean, you’re never going to learn how to breastfeed in public if you don’t breastfeed in public, right? I know some mommas who can discreetly put their child under the adorable blanket and/or breastfeeding cover, the baby will latch and nurse easily, and they’ll put everything back in its place without a disturbance. That wasn’t me. I’d be hanging out, my kid would be yanking the cover off (yes, even at two months old), and a latch and position was never an easy matter. But, I got to be somewhat functional at it, and I really learned not to care. Our trip to Boston really helped show me that breastfeeding is hard. Breastfeeding in public is a serious skill. And, I don’t really care that strangers are looking at me funny when I’m trying to feed my kid.

Our Massachusetts trip was one for the books. We saw and experienced more than we could have imagined while having a such a young kiddo with us, and this trip gave us the confidence as new parents to continue our traveling lifestyle with a babe in our arms!

Where will your first trip be? 


18 thoughts on “You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

  1. Way to go, brave traveling mama! I didn’t travel with my son while he was nursing, but I traveled while I was still nursing and had to find places to pump, which was not fun either. Congrats on your first successful trip.

    • Thank you! Pumping is H A R D, especially while traveling (at least to me!). Kudos to you for sticking with it!

  2. Good job, mama! Our son is now 5 and we started traveling with him right away. So, far he’s been to San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Ft. Myers, FL, New Orleans, tons of long road trips and we’re going to San Francisco over Christmas. I’m glad we started young—he is a traveling CHAMP!

    • Wow! So many places – how cool! I think starting them young is for sure the key, because they just don’t know any different. We barely missed San Francisco when we went on our West Coast road trip a couple of years ago, but I definitely want to go back to check it out! California is a cool place, for sure.

  3. My baby just turned 2 and she has flown since she was 6 weeks old probably 5-6 times a year. She is my little traveling queen, I love that you are traveling with your babe!!!

    • That’s amazing! That’s definitely the plan with our little one. Love that you’re able to keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Start them young! I’ve been taking my son on small road trips since he was born. Some go well… some go terrible. I write about these trips in a journal that I’ll give to him one day when he’s an adult.

    • Great idea about the journal! I just recently started a journal for all of our trips but just more of a family log, instead of with the intention of giving it to Granger one day. I’ll have to re-visit this.

  5. We have always traveled with our children, and I so highly recommend! We too saw how parents put their lives on hold when they had children, and we didn’t want to do that. When our son was four, he flew to India, where we spent two weeks, before flying back with his newly-adopted sister. People thought we were insane, but he was a rock star. This is great!! (Although, agree on the stroller … I’ve made that mistake too!)

    • YES times a million! We know several people where their lives just stopped because they had a kid, and we didn’t want that to be the case! So happy to hear that was the same for your family! Wow – India?! That’s awesome! Kids are definitely troopers if you teach them to be 🙂

  6. First of all, “Oh, we drove that struggle bus, for sure” is my new favorite saying, and I’m totally stealing it. 😉 I love this post SO MUCH. I’m a family travel blogger and I always encourage travel with kids from babies to teens. We have traveled with our kids since they were out of that peanut cocoon phase and it’s a good learning experience for everyone. And I often tell people, newborns are actually a little easier to travel with than toddlers. You’ll see. lol
    But good for you for being adventurous and going for it!!! Also, Granger is SO CUTE!!! Like SO cute.

    • Hahah – definitely feel free to steal! I’ll have to check out your family travel blog, too! Always looking for our next destination 🙂 And thank you – we like to think so, too!

  7. Love it! We travelled with our son when he was one week (but he was our fourth so it was like no big deal!). Funny what you learn with a baby on the go!

    • Whoa – one week and baby #4?! You’re superwoman. Traveling with a baby definitely helped me get over my first-time mom anxiousness! Loved that learning experience.

  8. You are definitely braver than I am! We have a 3 year old now and I still haven’t taken him on a plane anywhere because he is so wiggly and loud and, well, a 3 year old. I’m glad you were able to make it through the journey to and fro without a horrible story to tell!

    • We definitely have our share of ugly on each of our trips, because what goes smoothly all the time? When you’re ready to get him on the plane, I’m sure he’ll do great! It’s just getting them out of their comfort zone to do it – you’re doing good, momma!

    • Totally agree! Get them started young and their pros! Congrats – hope your last couple of weeks go smoothly!

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