Hey, there! Thank you for Daring to Adventure with us!

Nearly 10 years ago, a cute boy on the high school football team messaged a girl on MySpace, leading them to become high school sweethearts and begin a life full of adventure. That guy ended up joining the U.S. Army while the girl went onto college. Although they spent some time apart, they ultimately decided marriage should be their next feat. She graduated school with a journalism degree, packed up her stuff, and they moved across the country together from the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest. For the next 11 months, they trekked around the mountains in Washington, California, and Oregon, taking road trips and exploring the PNW before moving back to the South, pregnant with their first child.

So, here we are today – the Bostic Family – who has a love for the great outdoors, traveling anywhere, and new experiences with a commitment to bring our one-year-old along with us. We are Daring to Adventure in each phase of life, which definitely comes with the ups and downs. We’ll talk about tips for traveling with young kiddos, budgeting for family adventures with kids, finding inspiration for our next endeavor, encouraging each other to not slow down even though you have a baby, and more! We hope you’ll stick around as we continue to explore with our family!

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