Following the Way while Getting Away

It’s no secret our family loves to travel and experience new things, but the one thing that stays constant no matter where we are: finding a place to worship God. I mean, without Him, we wouldn’t even be in this new place doing these cool things. It’s so important to our family that we take … Read moreFollowing the Way while Getting Away

Hiking Trails: Stone Mountain, NC

It was kind of on a whim when I texted my dad to see if he wanted to join Granger and me on a hike last weekend when TJ had to work. See, hiking was a huge part of my life when we lived in Washington State, and we just haven’t had the time to … Read moreHiking Trails: Stone Mountain, NC

Baby at The Biltmore Mansion

When we first planned our day trip to the Biltmore Mansion, we didn’t think it was a big deal to bring along our one-month-old. I mean, it’s not like he was walking, talking, or eating food at this point. If we didn’t go now, we probably wouldn’t go for a while, so we went for … Read moreBaby at The Biltmore Mansion

You’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

When our son, Granger, was just two months old, my brother married the coolest woman ever…in Massachusetts…and we lived in North Carolina. Did I mention our son was two months old? And that we were first-time parents? Yeah, if becoming new parents wasn’t adventurous enough, we were about to find out with this trip. One … Read moreYou’re Traveling with a 2-Month-Old?!

Hey, there! Thank you for Daring to Adventure with us!

Nearly 10 years ago, a cute boy on the high school football team messaged a girl on MySpace, leading them to become high school sweethearts and begin a life full of adventure. That guy ended up joining the U.S. Army while the girl went onto college. Although they spent some time apart, they ultimately┬ádecided marriage … Read moreHey, there! Thank you for Daring to Adventure with us!